About Us

Pam has always been interested in photography and is now combining that with a love of animals, particularly dogs. She is building a comprehensive library with Bob’s help, aiming for the same sort of impact, power and natural feeling with the canines, that has made Bob Langrish one of the top equine photographers in the world. Theirs is a natural approach, capturing the character of the dog, rather than the more posed studio situations.

After more than 10 years of extensive photoshoots in predominantly picturesque dog walking areas, the library can now boast over 95,000 pictures covering in excess of 225 purebred breeds. This has been augmented by their visits to horse farms on their world trips, as there are inevitably dogs and puppies in abundance around the yards.

They are now supplying the top calendar companies around the world with pictures and contribute on a regular basis to The Kennel Club and Your Dog Magazine in the UK, which is the leading canine magazine.

Crufts are using Pam’s images for their signs to the different breed group halls in 2015, 2016 and 2017, while The Kennel Club are displaying her pictures on their stand.